Welcome.  I am a full professor and Director of San Jose State University’s School of Information.  Please peruse my website to learn more about my background and areas of passion, expertise, and interest in research, teaching, and service. Read More


My passion and expertise is in studying the intersection between people, information, and the use of technology and digital environments. I typically use mixed-methods designs with a focus on both the rich qualitative context of people and the quantitative statistical data that describes trends over time and demographic factors. Read More

I teach leadership and management, instructional design and technology, User Experience (UX) and the design and development of usable and user-centered digital spaces, analytics and informatics, virtual communities, and technology trends. Read More
I am committed to serving students, colleagues, and the field across local, state, national, and international levels. Service is a clear pathway to being value-added to other people and helping them be successful. It is an honor and privilege to leverage my time and expertise to benefit others. Read More

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