Service for me means to serve others in some way, shape, or form that helps them in some relevant, meaningful way.  Am I making a difference and leveraging my skills, passions, and expertise to help my department, school, university, community, city, state, and country be a more productive, better place to work and live? I have always held servicelargeutmost passion and respect for the opportunity to contribute to the success of others.

The primary principles that guide my service activities at all levels are value-added, responsiveness, and representativeness. Value-added means that I contribute to UNCG, the field, and the community based on a complex interplay between my areas of expertise and the needs of the group I am working with. Responsiveness means that I am always willing to step-up and help when there is a need. Representativeness reflects my emphasis and focus on representing UNCG with pride, integrity, and dignity in all that I do. View my CV for my current service roles.

For My Advisees and New Students:

1. View our Three Year Course Schedule Here

2. Complete your Plan of Study Form (download here in PDF) using the three year plan as a projected course schedule to plan out your tentative schedule to graduation (36 units); some courses may not be offered exactly as identified but it usually is pretty accurate.

  • #1 – After you have reached 12-15 units (completed your 4th or 5th course)
  • #2 – Prior to being enrolled in the final capstone course (taken the semester of graduation)
  • #3 – A final plan of study as part of your final graduation paperwork

4. Complete the PDF version, sign, and email to your advisor for her/his signature.

5. Full-time status is considered three courses per semester (100% financial aid disbursement) and most students complete the program between two or three years. As a 36 unit program you have five core courses (13 units, four 3-unit courses + the 1-unit capstone), one technology course (3 units), and seven electives (20 or 21 units).

6. Note: To earn exactly 36 units as opposed to 37 units you can take a two unit independent study or practicum course.

Please email your advisor to arrange a meeting or with any questions you may have anytime. Feel free to contact the LIS Department Administrative Assistant at Greg Hoffman at or 336.334.3477.

A moment I will always remember…

Doing the Happy Dance on the grounds of the US Capitol with the ALA president and librarians from across the country in May 2014:

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