I love to teach and share knowledge; contributing to the success of others represents one of the purest forms of satisfaction and meaning I have ever experienced. The scope of my teaching experience includes formal classroom, blended, and online courses as well as facilitation of student and faculty workshops in instructional technology, library technology and strategic planning, and e-Learning. My driving passion and commitment teachinglargeas an educator is to share knowledge and information that is useful and value-added to the lives and future careers of my students. In order to increase the likelihood that this occurs, each of my graduate courses is designed to engage students in meaningful and diverse learning experiences aligned directly to School and University approved syllabus course student learning outcomes through the application of well validated educational psychology and instructional technology principles. I make use of an integrated set of behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist approaches.

In particular, I bring to the classroom a driving passion for helping students learn new knowledge and skills that prove value-added to them. Because of my academic background in educational psychology and instructional design complemented with years of hands-on and applied experience I teach with great conviction and deep understanding of how what I am teaching translates in the applied job setting. Students understand my perspective, knowledge, and approach is informed by real, authentic experience and caring about their long-term success.

Courses I have taught include emerging technology trends, computer-related technologies, web production and usability, library administration and management, instructional design, marketing and planning of information provision, design of user instruction and training, capstone, and research, data utilization, and technology. I was the recipient of the School of Education’s Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in 2011 and was a finalist for the 2014 award. My average teaching ratings across all courses over my career is 4.5 out of 5.0 or very good to excellent.

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Courses I teach:

  • LIS 630 – Computer-related Technologies for Information Management
  • LIS 631 – Emerging Technology Trends
  • LIS 636 – Web Production and Usability
  • LIS 650 – Library Administration and Management
  • LIS 672 – Instructional Design
  • LIS 674 – Virtual Communities
  • LIS 688 – Information Use & Users
  • LIS 688 – Instructional Literacy
  • LIS 688 – Marketing and Advocacy

MOOCS Designed and Developed

  • Healthy Relationship Initiative MOOCs (released Spring 2018) | Visit MOOC


  • My MOOC on Web Design & Usability (released June 2014) | Visit MOOC

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